We focussed on the topic of having no orgasm at all. We live in a society where girls grow up thinking that having sex always has to end with an orgasm. But what happens if a woman is unable to climax? A study from the European Society for Sexual Medicine showed that 12% of the examined women were unable to orgasm. Young girls feel a lot of pressure in todays society.
The script is based on a real conversation between two women who were unable to orgasm. We tried to start a conversation about #noorgasm
Find more here: myorg.sm
Social-Media appearance: #noorgasm and Facefilter
Behind the Scenes
Concept and Art Direction: Alena Tabea, Leonie Otto, Sarah Vermeulen
Director: Alena Tabea
Producer: Sarah Vermeulen
Script: Sarah Vermeulen
Cast: Leonie Otto, Jenny Helene Wübbe
Camera: Julien Bauer, Josef Wernicke
1AC: Anton Beliaer
2AC: Tom Siegert
Lighting Designer: Karim Rieg
Sound: Louie Bandermann
Set Design: Lilian Ceben
HMU: Kelly Denovan 
Assistant: Pierre Roggenbruck, Katharina Rother, Arina Popa
BTS-Photographer: Laura Benn